Awaiting Launch of 750cc Twin, Royal Enfield Introduces New Graphics for Classic Model (Bike Reports) (News)

  • January 3, 2017
  • Dirck Edge

Redditch Classic 350

These are pictures of the Indian market Classic 350 from Royal Enfield with new paint and monogram inspired by 1950s bikes first produced in Redditch, England. We find these Classic models (including the Classic 500) achingly beautiful, and more true to the retro design ethos than just about anything else available today.

Royal Enfield will soon offer considerably more performance from the newly designed 750cc air-cooled twin.  The first model will likely be named “Interceptor”. The new bike will not break any horsepower records (expect something similar to a Moto Guzzi 750, i.e., in the neighborhood of 50 horsepower), but will nevertheless offer the torque and street acceleration that will take it a big step up from the current Classic models.

More Redditch Classic 350 Colors

See more of MD’s great photography:


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