Inexpensive Royal Enfield Himalayan Reviewed in Britain in Advance of U.S. Availability (with video) (Bike Reports) (News)

  • January 4, 2018
  • Dirck Edge

As you know from earlier reports on MD, Royal Enfield should be making available in the U.S. market this year at least three all-new models. The first to appear should be the 411cc, single-cylinder Himalayan. With an expected price of just $4,499, together with currently-popular retro looks, the Himalayan could potentially lead RE to U.S. market share that is something other than a tiny fraction. Of course, the 650cc twin models should follow later in the year (after the expected Summer debut of the Himalayan) at their own bargain prices expected to be in the neighborhood of $7,000.

In any event, the Himalayan is apparently hitting British markets a bit earlier than the U.S., and a fellow calling himself The Missenden Flyer has posted a YouTube review that is worth having a look at if you are interested in this bike. Here it is:

See more of MD’s great photography:


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