The Unmistakable Charm of Early Honda Marketing (News)

  • September 27, 2016
  • Dirck Edge


Who doesn’t remember that “You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda”? That tag line helped Honda explode in popularity beginning in the 1960s. This came to mind when we saw that used Honda Super Cubs are now selling at a great premium in some markets.

The Super Cub is the greatest selling motorcycle in history (approaching 90 million sold worldwide). Honda is in the process of redesigning this icon, which will seemingly remain in production forever.

We also found this YouTube compilation of 1960’s Honda TV commercials, some featuring variants of the Super Cub. Even if you are too young for this to bring back fond memories, the style and pace of these advertisements is worth watching.


Honda’s new Super Cub concept


See more of MD’s great photography:


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